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December 27th - Saturday - 08:00am - Noon

December 31st - Wednesday - 08:00am - Noon

January 24th - Saturday - 08:00am - Noon

January 31st - Saturday - 08:00am - Noon

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     Welcome to the Town of Big Bend in Rusk County!   

The Town of Big Bend is located in southern Rusk County, part of the Blue Diamond recreation area and was named for the big bend in the Chippewa River.  Originally it was part of Chippewa County.

We have 35.3 total square miles, 43.6 miles of roads, 32.6 square miles of land and 2.7 square miles of water including the Chippewa River, nine lakes and many streams.  There are two cemeteries, one owned by the Island Lake Cemetery Association and an Indian cemetery owned by the town. The unincorporated village of Island Lake lies within the town's boundaries.  There was, at one time, a grist mill where the current Island Lake Dam is located.  The town was called Emet and had a post office in the general store.  The name of the unicorporated municpality within the Town of Big Bend was changed to Island Lake, and is located along Highway 40.

Town of Big Bend Town Hall

N1195 State Highway 40

New Auburn, WI 54757

Phone:  715-868-5775


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